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Winona Ryder Nose Job

Winona Ryder is a very pretty women who took the world by storm as a teenager in the movie beetle juice.

There has been plenty of rumors surrounding a possible nose job, and you can clearly see why in the before and after picture above.


  1. First Winona Ryder is not a "women" she is a "womAn"! Why can't you American idiots spell properly? It's not that complicated, how many "women" is she?! 1, so that's woman!

    As you can see in the photo she also had cheekbone implants put in right after she had facial liposculpture to reshape her cheeks. Your pic cut off the chin so I can't see if she had a chin reduction or implant.

    Johnny Depp also had cheekbone implants put in and he recently had them altered: either he got bigger ones or he had shots of fillers he looks like a chipmunk!

    Richard Grieco, who starred in "Battle of the Cheekbones" along with Depp, had his removed and that's why his face is so hollow. He was probably allergic to the silicone or his face rejected them. He looks like he developed auto-immune disorder. And he had a bad nose job & shaves his eyebrows which makes him look even worse.

  2. Freakish looking Kiera Knightley went to Winona Ryder's plastic surgeon and asked for Winona's face. Keira, Winona phoned and she wants her face back!

  3. I'm glad she didn't have a plastic surgery disaster. Otherwise, it would really be devastating to have another beautiful celebrity ruined by plastic surgery.

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