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Barbara Eden Nose Job

Remember the fabulous actress from the television sitcom I Dream of Jeannie, Barbara Eden? Well it seems like the actress has altered her appearance by way of a nose job procedure.

And i didn't wanna be the one who had to say it, but, the operations appears to have been complicated... Best wishes, Barb!

Winona Ryder Nose Job

Winona Ryder is a very pretty women who took the world by storm as a teenager in the movie beetle juice.

There has been plenty of rumors surrounding a possible nose job, and you can clearly see why in the before and after picture above.

Fergie Nose Jobs

And now we will feature the mystery that is Fergie's nose...

I don't know how many nose jobs Fergie has had in here lifetime, but it seems like her nose takes a different shape in almost every picture.

Could this simply be the lighting or does Fergie have a serious plastic surgery addiction?